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Our Approach

At Avenik we know how impactful the right knowledge can be when growing your business. Social media is not easy. Navigating new platforms, daily changes and reacting to competitors all while staying ahead of the latest trends requires expert knowledge and an eye for hidden opportunities.

The team at Avenik live and breath social media. Having been an active part of the “3rd Industrial revolution” has helped us gather knowledge that we can leverage in order to advise companies and brands from all types of industries on how to reach your customers and grow your business in 2017 and beyond.

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Our Qualities
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Flexible
  • Persistent
  • Professional
  • Detail orientated
Why work with us?
  • Cut the learning curve
  • Identify problems (fast)
  • Catalyse for change
  • Objective expert opinion
  • Different perspective

Our Consulting Services

Brand strategy

Cost reduction

Social Media Execution

Page Builder

Customer experience

Reach Maximisation

Our Process

Stage 1

01. Discovery

Starting off the team at Avenik will work closely with your company, to understand your business. We will evaluate all necessary aspects cohesively while identifying the challenges at hand and how these impact the bigger picture.

Stage 2

02. Report

Using the information found in stage 1 as well as our own findings our team will put together a clearly highlighting all crucial information. Within this case study we will be detailing specific causes of liabilities along as well as their origin.

Stage 3

03. Strategize

During the final stage we will outline solutions and best practices to limit liabilities as well as taking advantage of current opportunities. Together with your team we will determine what resources are needed to fulfill opportunities while coming up with a specific plan of action.

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November 19, 2017



October 14, 2017

David Sharpe

David Sharpe

October 13, 2017

Global Moodmakers

Global Moodmakers

October 13, 2017

MS Motors

MS Motors

July 26, 2015

Work with us

The team at Avenik has first hand experience in reworking, devising or improving strategies on Social Media. We love the challenge of taking an approach and transforming it for maximum results. We have been able to paint a very accurate picture of today’s (and tomorrow’s) social landscape and are passionate about combining data backed decisions with actionable steps to helping any team make an impact on Social Media for their business. We’d love to chat to understand how we can help you and your company leverage social media even more effectively.

Even if you’ve never been on Social Media. We love challenges!