What you should know

How we operate

At Avenik we operate by the philosophy of always giving the best possible results. But who doesn’t? All clients want the best results and all agencies want to provide the best results.

This philosophy has been so engrained into our Agency that we now live by the rule of only taking on projects, where we know we can deliver the best possible results. For some projects we might not be the right fit. That’s completely fine by us.

We’d love to invite you in for a free consultation. A friendly chat where we can determine if we’d be a good for each other. If we aren’t, we tried and we can always send you on your way with a few recommendations for other agencies.


Let the social strategists at Avenik craft the perfect social strategy for your business. We can give you peace of mind that your marketing on social is contributing to your business goals.


Content is king has been the golden rule for more than 2 decades. We’d love to help your business succeed by taking your content on social media to new heights.


With access to over 80 Million followers in influencers and extensive knowledge of all major social platforms Avenik is at the forefront of distributing branded content and driving KPI’s for your business.


Rigorous testing procedures and extensive knowledge of social platforms has allowed the team to consult brands and individuals on navigating marketing on social.